Call for the online demo #Bildungskrise (Education Crisis) – from 2.4. at 15:00 until 9.4.2020

The current corona pandemic has a massive impact on our education: students, pupils and trainees do not know if, when and how they would obtain their degrees or could take relevant examinations. For many of them, there are also existential consequences, as they cannot afford delays. Many students are losing their jobs and can no longer pay their rent. For many teachers and researchers, it is also unclear whether their contracts will be extended or whether they can complete their projects.

Insufficient digitalisation and unaccompanied learning at home is further exacerbating existing educational inequalities amongst students: Those who have their own study room and the appropriate working materials (especially technical equipment) can adapt well to the situation. All others who cannot afford this will be excluded from education from now on. In addition, educational success now depends on family support even more than usual. This also puts parents who are supposed to work from home under massive pressure. They now have to pay for the fact that the digitalisation of education has been missed in Germany so far. In addition, in times of need, more and more people are turning to digital platforms from large providers, which are more than questionable in terms of data protection.

In order to counteract all these problems, we must do something NOW! That’s why we are organizing the online demo #Bildungskrise (Education Crisis) for one week starting on April 2nd at 3 pm.

What is an online demo? And how can I participate?
Post a photo or video that represents your educational problem! Either you take one of yourself or something else that makes your situation clear. For example, you could take a photo of your small shared room, an unsolvable homework, your resignation (blackened) or something similar. Get creative! In addition or alternatively, you could write a text that tells your story or expresses your demands.
To make our situation clearer, it would be really good to at least name the role of your own roles in education: Pupils/students of XYZ/parent / educator/scientist from city XYZ etc. Post the picture, video or text via your social media accounts and send us your story. The best way is to send it to . We will then share your stories through our channels and create a collage of all the demonstrators. Together we are strong!