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Call for rally against the exploitation of foreign students

Poster for rally on 12 August

The Bundesverband auslaendischer Studierender (Federal Association of Foreign Students), together with the LandesAStenkoferenz Berlin, the RefRat of Humboldt University Berlin and the AStA of Mainz University, is calling for a demonstration against the exploitation of foreign students. The motivation is the blocked account scandal, which was triggered by the provider »BAM«.… weiterlesen →

Blocked account scandal calls victims to the scene: Demonstration announced in front of the Foreign Ministry

The demonstration is planned to take place on 12 August at 1 pm in front of the Foreign Ministry.

An alliance of the Federal Association of Foreign Students, the Berlin Regional Students’ Association and the two local students’ associations of Humboldt University Berlin (RefRat) and the University of Mainz is calling for a demonstration in front of the Foreign Ministry in Berlin on Thursday, 12 August at 1 pm.… weiterlesen →

Students in Germany take to the streets after one million lose jobs and no help forthcoming

On Monday, students all over Germany will be protesting in more than ten cities, including Bonn, Hannover, and Dresden, after having gone three months without any substantial help to break their financial fall. The decentralised rallies are an effort to put on an effective protest under the unusual circumstances COVID-19 has brought.… weiterlesen →

bundesweiter Protest - Echte Hilfe für Studierende jetzt!

BAS Call: “Real help for students – now! – Protest days on 8.6. and 20.6.

For weeks, now months, (international) students have been waiting in vain for support in the current crisis. Many have no more money, get no more support from families who are themselves in a crisis. International students can no longer pay their rent and have to save on many things. Since the refectories have closed, there is no cheap food.… weiterlesen →

Call for the online demo #Bildungskrise (Education Crisis) – from 2.4. at 15:00 until 9.4.2020

The current corona pandemic has a massive impact on our education: students, pupils and trainees do not know if, when and how they would obtain their degrees or could take relevant examinations. For many of them, there are also existential consequences, as they cannot afford delays. Many students are losing their jobs and can no longer pay their rent.… weiterlesen →