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Call for the online demo #Bildungskrise (Education Crisis) – from 2.4. at 15:00 until 9.4.2020

The current corona pandemic has a massive impact on our education: students, pupils and trainees do not know if, when and how they would obtain their degrees or could take relevant examinations. For many of them, there are also existential consequences, as they cannot afford delays. Many students are losing their jobs and can no longer pay their rent.… weiterlesen →

3000 Euro Soforthilfe für alle Studierenden

Emergency Aid for all students. NOW!

For students who are in financial distress due to the loss of income, the federal government must from March 30th provide emergency aid, without prior assessment of the needs, over an amount of 3000 Euros. The Federal Government takes over the costs of emergency aid when the need is determined subsequently.… weiterlesen →

Tariff conflict at Hu Berlin impairs advice for foreign students

According to the BAS available information, the escalating conflict of the university management of the Humboldt University Berlin with the written student body as well as the student employees now affected the foreign students. Since the university management does not want to pay the students appropriately, no job extensions or Vacancies more allowed, so that the student body can currently not ensure the place of advice of foreign students.… weiterlesen →